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About Us

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About Us

What is YPVMeraki?
Meraki Meraki is a Greek word, meaning: The soul, creativity or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work.
YPVMeraki means "we are putting our soul and unconditional love for all in the work we are doing in YPV".

We are affiliated with Karnataka Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation Trust. Karnataka Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation Trust is a charitable trust. It propagates, popularizes, disseminates and spread the knowledge and techniques of Yoga Prana Vidya Healing.

It promotes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well – being through meditation, energy based healing and conduction of YPV healing or Yoga Prana Vidya workshops.

It extends help and relief to the distressed specially the poor destitute, homeless and underprivileged, including framing of proper programs, schemes or projects for their education, clothing, shelter, feeding, healthcare etc.

There are many healing centers throughout India where YPV Healing is provided to patients suffering with various types of ailments (physical & psychological).

Our Activities

Healing clinic

We run number of healing clinics throughout India. These healing clinics serve many patients every day. You can contact our centers if you are interested in get yourself or your loved ones healed by our healers. If you are looking for healers in your area, contact us on ypv.meraki@gmail.com


Many of our centers in different cities of India are running different programs for serving the humanity. We extend our help and relief to the distressed specially the poor destitute, homeless and underprivileged, including framing of proper programs, schemes or projects for their education, clothing,shelter, feeding, healthcare etc.

Spiritual Intensive Practice

We do conduct different intensive practice programs for higher spiritual sadhana during the year. There are 4 week programs being conducted twice a year. Any person who has learned Arhat Yoga can join the 4 week spiritual intensive program being conducted at Sri Ramana Trust Ashram.

Healing camps

We conduct free/paid healing camps at deferent places to spread awareness about YPV healing and to let maximum people get benefited out of the highly powerful healing techniques. To conduct a healing camp in your area, please get in touch with us on ypv.meraki@gmail.com


It is a fantastic thing that any person above the age of 15 can learn these healing techniques. The details of the courses we conduct are listed in YPV Courses section. It is our Guru’s vision and mission to have at least one healer in every home and we are dedicated to work for His Great Vision & Mission and bring heaven on mother Earth. If you are looking for a trainer in your area, please contact us at ypv.meraki@gmail.com

Spiritual Get Together

Once a year, the spiritual get together is organized where large number of Arhat Yoga practitioners get together and do the spiritual Sadhana in group. This program is being organized in the month of August every year.


We teach Planetary Peace Meditation in schools, colleges, corporate companies and personal groups. Planetary Peace Meditation is a technique to tap into the vast reservoir of energy that surrounds us for our personal development. When regularly practiced, The Planetary Meditation for Peace may be used as a form of Service to Humanity as one becomes a channel for Divine Blessings to flow to the entire earth and all of humanity. If you are interested in learning the meditation, please drop a request at ypv.meraki@gmail.com